For this year, Can say that the question not easy to answer, so

don’t worry and also forget about this paper, cause you’ll still have a few paper to sit.

Any way you paper 1 still OK. So overall still is GOOD.

Prepare for others paper.  Try fully use this few days.


Must understand :

FORM 4 CHAPTER  1, 2, 3 will come out in Paper 1 Question 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (I guess)

Form 5 CHAPTER 1 , Paper 1 will come out 3 question.

Form 4 CHAPTER 6, 7, 8 , Will help you in Paper 1 and Paper 2

Form 5 CHAPTER 4, 5, 8 , Will help you in Paper 1 and Paper 2

If you FULLY can understand and can answer, at least you can get B4 already.

As a Add Math student, you should know how to answer Form 4 CHAPTER 4,

I saw a lot of student don’t know how to do so while SPM Mathematics on Monday.

Can say sure using quadratic formula.

To student who like drawing,

Form 5 CHAPTER 2,  5 and 10 is the best time for you to score.


p/s :

From 5 Chapter 1, question something like below 95% will be in SPM 2009:


For section C,

sure is Form 4 CHAPTER 10 and 11. Chapter 11 is the easiest question in SPM since 2004. Try practice more on it.

If you already learn, then try SPM past year question.

Remember, although not really understand also must answer, don’t blank it. You still can get the working marks.




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